Alien Hoverboards

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The Alien Hoverboards Are Out Of This World

Who said that aliens can’t hover on earth and ride on a self-balancing scooter aka hoverboards? No one. Actually there is none of them. But hey! Do you know they are part of the hoverboards design now? Riders, it’s time to know these out of this world I’m-gonna-buy-one scooters! These new designs which comes with different colors too also comes with LED lights, bluetooth speakers, on/off remote key, music, a carrying bag and a whole lot more! Even if these are aliens, rest assured they don’t get left behind of what other designs offer.


Haven't decided yet on what design for your hoverboard? Or thinking of buying a new one but unsure on what kind of hoverboard that will suit you? We're here to help. Since the alien hoverboards are out of this world, you might want to consider these designs shown below. You can find these alien designs on  and You can also find in Amazon the decals for these alien design. 

Alien Design Hoverboard Scooters. ONLY $375. Comes with LED Lights, 8 Inches Tires, Bluetooth, Speakers, On/Off Remote Key, Carrying Bag, and Plays Music. 7 different colors available.     

 MightySkins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal for Swagtron T3 Hover Board Self Balancing Smart Scooter wrap cover sticker skins Alien Invasion                          MightySkins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal for Swagtron T5 Hover Board Self Balancing Smart Scooter wrap cover sticker skins Alien Invasion

A lot of alien hoverboards are already out in the market but if you have a hoverboard already and yet you want to change its design to "alienize" them, MightySkins have those. These protective vinyl decal will show off your personal style. Just make sure that you will buy a decal that fits your hoverboard. You can check on them at the descrption. Sounds cool? When you're on board, it wil be more than cool to ride on them. The style, the confidence and the thought that it feels like you're closer to hovering will definitely keep the heads turning right at you.

Have a great out of this world day! 

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