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What are really the Best Hoverboard Brands?

If you mean the best and finest and with a touch-of-experts kind of hoverboard, this may be a good read for you. You will not only be choosing among the safest and latest hoverboard but simply from the best hoverboard brands! Of course best can be a little bit expensive even for the simplest design and hope you don’t mind to dig a little bit deeper in your pockets.


We picked the Top 5 Best Hoverboard Brands!


Swagtron/Swagway - Models to choose from: Swagtron T5, T3, T1 and Swagway X1, X2 to fit your style. There has been a lot of reviews made for these models and did appear perfect for hoverboard riders whichever suits you best. If you opt for the latest and upgraded and well, a bit expensive, you may go for T5.


Segway – Segway miniPro is powered by a Ninebot technology and the first transporter to have been certified by UL after the viral hoverboard explosions. They say it’s not really a hoverboard but the “next step in the evolution of personal transportation”. The only hoverboard with a design of knee control bar for easy and precise riding experience.


Powerboard – Colors to choose from are black, white, blue and red. Simple design but guaranteed safe as it is UL 2272 certified.


Skque – They offer a lot of different colors and designs! You can surely choose the best fit for your personality. Just make sure you pick the ones which are already UL certified since not all of them have it yet.


Razor – Razor Hovertrax 2.0 offers different colors, UL certified and powered by their exclusive EverBalance technology. Can switch from Training mode and normal mode with a 8mph/13kph cruise speed.


All of the brands above are high quality and can guarantee a safe riding experience.  Kudos to these companies who made it to the top list! Sure enough, celebrities are going gaga over them too. Are you? So what are really the best hoverboard brands? If you have something in mind you’d like to add on the list, feel free to leave a comment.

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