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So you want to know about the Hoverboard? I know, I know it "technically doesn't hover" but honestly there are so many things you can call it at this point, and really this is the name that has been adopted by the masses.

Therefore this is the original and safest Hoverboard.


hoverboard safe guarantee


We are the only Hoverboard company that offers an iron-clad 180 day warranty and replacement guarantee. We do this because we know your safety is important and as an original Hoverboard supplier, you'll soon why our Hoverboard is the best.


What Comes with Your Hoverboard?


- Official Samsung Hoverboard Battery (Already Installed)


- Safety and Riding Instruction Manuals


- Hoverboard in Black (Original Hoverboard Fully Charged)


- External AC Wall Adapter Hoverboard Charger


- Breakaway Hoverboard AC Charger Cable


- 180 Day Replacement Guarantee


And as always, every last hoverboard that leaves our facility has personally been tested for performance. Because we ride, what we preach!


Don't forget to check out our special "hoverboard case" with mesh pouch to help carry your Hoverboard around.



*Inner Design of Wheel May differ from what is pictured. We cannot guarantee design of wheel and is subject to availability.

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Question: It's this hoverboard going to start on fire?
By littleflinty on April 12th, 2016
Answer: No, if you look at all of our products on our site. Every last item is certified, and tested safe. Not one of our boards ever sold has caused any type of overheating or fire.
Question: Where do you ship from .
By littleflinty on April 10th, 2016
Answer: All hoverboards are shipped from California.
Question: What Is The Distance On a Full Charge?
By friends4fun2 on April 7th, 2016
Answer: Depending on your speed anywhere from 9-12 miles on a full charge.
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