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Can Hoverboards Be Made in The USA?

You've seen hoverboards all over. And you know that most of them come from China. But are there is any Hoverboard made in the USA? Are there any hoverboard companies that make their board in the United States? Let's find our where most of them are made.


Well, first as it turns out that even though we could probably make hoverboards here in the USA, it's just not cheap enough to do. Meaning that all hoverboards to date are manufactured overseas. Now, there are some parts of the hoverboard that are made in other parts of overseas. Like LG/Samsung batteries are a Korean company so they may have certain aspects that are made there. But the majority of the parts put into a hoverboard are made in China.




But there is one positive side. That companies like us here at Hoverboard Scooter, both test and certify the hoverboards here in the US. Like all the UL Certified hoverboards. UL is a US based company and makes sure that all the hoverboards we have here come in safe, and are of the best quality.


So don't worry, even though the hoverboards aren't made here, you can still get quality right here from us in the USA.


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