Off Road Hoverboard w/ 8.5 Inch Wheels UL2272

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If you are going to take to the streets with a new hoverboard, then you might as well as go "big wheel hoveboard" style. This is the latest "off road hoverboard" also known as the Hummer style hoverboard. This is equipped with larger 8.5 inch wheels, and is designed for more traction. Couple that with a solid design and footing mechanism with UL2272 certification, you are ready to go off-road just about anywhere.



What Comes with this Off Road Hoverboard?

- Limited Edition Larger 8.5 Inch Tires

- Larger Pressure Sensitive Pedal Design

- Trusted 180 Day Hoverboard Guarantee

offroad guarantee

- UL2272 Safety Certification

- Rechargeable AC Power Adapter

- Super Sleek Powder Coated Black Color


So, if you are truly ready to hoverboard with the big boys, then you are going to love this Off-Road Big Hoverboard! No questions asked.


*Note, the rubber tire wheel designs may differ slightly from pictured.

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Question: What is the range of distance the board can go before it needs a charge?
By Lizzienerick on December 14th, 2017
Answer: 8 - 10 miles on a full charge.
Question: How fast will this go
By Kaylercamden10 on December 11th, 2017
Answer: 9+ MPH.
Question: What is the weight limit for this board?
By Jeffhaburger on December 2nd, 2017
Answer: 265 lbs.
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