Hoverboards That Don't Explode

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Why You'll Find Hoverboards That Don't Explode Here.

Few years back, hoverboards were famous of its unfortunate incident – they explode! Thousands of units were recalled. Known brands like Swagway, Hovertrax and Airwalk are not exempted as they pulled out all their units from big sellers like Amazon and Alibaba.500,000 units recalled is never a joke! It was very unfortunate that media were buzzing about it and scared the consumers. It became a great concern that needs immediate action from authorities. Many people were pointing at different angle on why it happened and its undeniable that hoverboard chargers are one of the culprits.   


But bad news can’t be forever. So what’s the good news? We’re not one of them! This is one of the reasons why you’ll find hoverboards that don’t explode here. Even before UL certification was implemented, our hoverboard units are reliably safe and affordable. Not even a customer who bought from us stormed at our store to complain of such claims. Another thing, we’re serious of our 180 day replacement guarantee.


However, for the sake of compliance and because we value the concern of our customers, we offer UL certified hoverboards to keep them at ease. You will find in our page different categories depending on your taste. If you are safety concern, you can browse over the UL Certified Hoverboards section. As much as we would like to guarantee you that all of our boards are safe, a certified one may at least put your riding experience worry-free.


Forget about explosions. We don’t want them too. 

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