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Here at Hoverboard Scooters, we are the official online store for quality smart "hoverboard" electric self-balancing scooters.   
Since their inception in late 2015, the "hoverboard" as they are referred to has swept through the world as both a "trendy toy", and even as a new "extreme sport" that will be here for years to come.  
So whether you're 8 years of age, or 58 years of age, you know when you see one rolling past you, that the "Hoverboard Scooter" is here to stay.  
And as a leader in hoverboard scooters for sale, every purchase is backed by our quality 180 Day product guarantee right here in the USA!


So don't be fooled by lower prices, and cheaper products because you want to make sure you have our Hoverboard Scooter Electric Self Balancing Scooter and no other!

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