Lambo Hoverboard Blue & Red w/ Bluetooth

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Everyone wants to own a Lamborghini. Though as it turns out, that Lamborghinis aren't cheap. That means the next best thing is this Lambo Hoverboard in Blue and Red with Bluetooth connectivity. As always, our hoverboards for sale are safe, trusted and come with the best replacement warranty.

What's nice about this Lambo Hoverboard is that it will let you connect to any Bluetooth device and let you play music anywhere you hoverboard.



What Comes With This Lambo Hoverboard in Blue

- English Operational & Safety Instructions

- 180 Day Trusted Performance Warranty


lambo hoverboard guarantee

- Wireless Bluetooth Music Connectivity

- External Certified Safe Charger

- Speed Up to 10 Mph

- New Lambo Hoverboard in Blue

- UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard


As always, it's important that you stay safe with our hoverboard accessories. Even though our Lambo Hoverboards are the best at keeping you safe, it still won't prevent you from potentially falling off. So you always want to make sure that you pick up some hoverboard protection.

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