Powerboard by Hoverboard - Is there a Difference?

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What is a Powerboard by Hoverboard? Is there any difference between hoverboards?

When a product becomes famous, it gets a lot of imitation which is a negative compliment. Then the manufacturer gets a ton of negative feedback and reviews because of the fake ones the consumers purchased. Unfortunately, we can’t control that but what we can do is how our brand to be different from the fakes. This happened with Powerboard by Hoverboard. Since a lot of people are buying this it became one of the best brands in the market actually. See here "Best Hoverboard Brands".


We honestly did a little bit of research over the internet to answer the one question that kept bugging us: What is a Powerboard by Hoverboard? If you could visit their site, they did not mention that these powerboards are US made but were sincere enough to admit that these hoverboards came from a high quality Chinese Manufacturing. Wait, what? At ease guys. Hoverboard company who carries it is a US based company. Now that’s a big relief! At least you’re sure enough that these self-balancing scooters passed through a series of test, right? Since they are already UL certified that’s another relief though. Just be careful not to get the fake ones. Whether we like it or not, the fakes look genuine too.


Is there any difference between hoverboards? Yes. There are fake hoverboards and real hoverboards. That’s a huuuge difference! Either you’ll buy the explosive one or the safe one. As for the Powerboard by Hoverboard, be extra careful on buying this online, guys. We suggest not purchasing at Alibaba because the product title would say it is but as you go through the description, the brand is different. This will give you a lot of confusion. You know it’s fake when the price is too good to be true.


Either way, we at Hoverboards.net can confidently say we offer only the real and high standard hoverboards.

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