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Why Are The Prices of Hoverboards Different for Different Types of Hoverboards?

It’s apparent that consumers will always check the price first before the quality and other features of a product. As for hoverboards, we can’t take advantage on impulsive buyers obviously since the lowest price in this unit will already cost you a hundred dollars excluding other fees you might come across upon purchase. And mind you, even if you’d find lesser than a hundred dollar, which is available in Alibaba, expect a lower quality or lesser features and worst, a disposable kind of hoverboard which usually do not last a year.



Some Prices for Hoverboards

For this reason, we would like to know what are the hoverboards’ (reasonable) prices for different types. Let’s check the list below:

a.       $100 - $150 – Most of these products under these range are from China. It is well known that China have lesser labor cost so this might be reasonable enough that they can offer lesser price too. Piece of advice, don’t expect high quality although they may have claim otherwise.

b.      Less than $200 – not much difference with the above ones and usually, it cost higher due to some additional features or design such as bigger wheel size or have bluetooth feature

c.       Less than $230 – You’re lucky if you find such units under this price range that are very durable. If they are, they have lesser feature or no quality guarantee.

d.      $250 to $300 – price wise, $250 will already give you a high quality hoverboards and are also UL certified. You’ll find in that they offer these kinds of hoverboards.


For pricing examples, a IO Hawk cost around $500 while Razor Hovertrax, Powerboard and Swagtron T1 will only cost you $300 to almost $400. But if you prefer to dig in deeper in your pockets, you’ll not only have the most comfortable hoverboard but a 100% quality guarantee too here at Hoverboard Scooter

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