10 Inch Hoverboards

10 Inch Hoverboards

So there is the "run of the mill" 6 inch hoverboards that usually ride around on very smooth pavements and indoor areas. But what about when you need to raise the bar with something a little more rugged? How about a real 10 Inch Hoverboards. Now when we say  "10 inch" we are talking about the wheel diameter.  Sometimes bigger is better, because the large wheeled boards like these 10 Inch types can take better terrain (or rougher terrain) and chew it up like a monster truck running over regular cars. If you really want a hoverboard that is going to be "built to last", then the 10 Inch Hoverboard from the below selection is something that you are going to want to keep in mind when making a purchase. These larger 10 Inch types have been battle tested, and don't explode, and some even have Bluetooth enabled hoverboard music, to be able to flow through them. 

Therfore if you want bigger and better, then these 10 inch boards are for you!

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10" Wheel Hoverboard - Black & Red 10 Inch Hoverboard w/Bluetooth
Want the next level 10" wheel hoverboard? These are the latest model 10 Inch Hoverboards with Blueto..
10 Inch Big Wheel Hoverboard w/Bluetooth - Limited Edition Flame
This is one for the hoverboarders that want speed, looks and larger street style. If you love r..
10 Inch Wheel Hoverboard w/Bluetooth - UL2272 Black
Bigger is sometimes better. Especially when it comes to hoverboards. These particular 10 Inch hoverb..
10 Inch Big Wheel Graffiti Hoverboard w/Bluetooth - UL2272
This is one for those old-schoolers. If you love street art, then you will love this limited edition..
10 Inch Lambo Hoverboard White w/Bluetooth - UL2272 Certified
Just like all of our awesome Lambo Hoverboards, this limited edition 10 Inch Wheel version will keep..
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