Hoverboard Skins

So you finally got that hoverboard you've been gawking at for the past few months. Well, now it's time to show it off with your own personal style with these hoverboard skins. Hoverboard skins aren't just some ordinary decals or stickers, but rather a high end laminated and protective finish for your hoverboard electric scooter.

These high quality hoverboard skins are developed with a 3 step process and enable you to customize your board the way you want, all while helping protect it from additional scrapes and scratches.

Our hoverboard skins are designed for a ton of different hoverboard brands, and are easily applied in minutes to change the design and look of your device. And, if you ever decide you want to remove and change your hoverboard skin with ease, then our skins are evolved enough to be able to do it in seconds.



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Hoverboard Skins - Lightning Blue Hoverboard Skin
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Hoverboard Skins - Basketball Design Protective Decal
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