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We know you're here because you fell off your hoverboard scooter more than once. And it happens. I mean, look at the people that tried to be the first in flight...not exactly the most successful at their initial attempts. Nonetheless, here at Hoverboard Scooters, we want to keep you gliding smoothly through the ages. With that in mind, we have some of the highest quality hoverboard scooter replacement and repair parts for just about any model hoverboard smart scooter.

From hoverboard Samsung Replacement Batteries, to outer shells and even hoverboard foot replacement panels. You are guaranteed to find everything you need to fix or repair your smart electric scooter. Just remember, to get extra parts, because we know that'll you'll probably be bailing somewhere soon again. But soon we know that you'll be the Amelia Earhart of the hoverboard scooter world!

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Hoverboard Set of Foot Pad Replacement Panels
So you've put your hoverboard to the test, and you really have been giving it a workout. Well, every..
Samsung Hoverboard Scooter Replacement Battery - Lithium Ion
More than half of those pesky issues with "those other hoverboards" are the poor quality rechargegab..
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Official Hoverboard Battery
We heard it before, about these hoverboards blowing up. That's because many of them are not using th..
Hoverboard Scooter Motherboard - Main Hoverboard Electric Scooter Motherboard Part
This is the brain of the operation when it comes to the hoverboard. Though not a really high failure..
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Replacement AC Hoverboard Adapter Wall Charger
Where's the power? Nothing is more important than the power! Since technically we sell these items t..
Based on 3 reviews.
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