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Which Are The Music Playing Hoverboards?

Hoverboards will surely not run out of style. With the board itself, you can just pretty change its skin according to your mood or taste. Don’t also forget the LED lights as its being famously use because of its bright effect from just a series of small diodes… What’s more? Its new incorporation of a bluetooth connectivity is another amazing improvement! With the birth of smart phones which have all the things you will need AND want, there’s no reason a hoverboard can’t offer them too! Say smart hoverboard? Who knows?


For now, since hoverboard’s keeping up with technology, bluetooth connectivity is one of a kind. Music sets the mood of a rider and makes his riding experience more exciting! Here, we will give you models of the music playing hoverboards. See list below:


Hoverboard Scooters:

a.       8-inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth in Black Lamborghini Style,  Product Code: 8-INCH-BLACK


b.      Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Lights - Lambo Style Blue 8 Inches, Product Code: LAMBO-BLUE-LIGHTS


c.       10" Wheel Hoverboard - Black & Red 10 Inch Hoverboard w/Bluetooth, Product Code: 10-INCH-BLACK-RED


d.      Lamborghini Hoverboard Bluetooth - Pink Lambo 8 Inch Wheels, Product Code: LAMBORGHINI-BLUETOOTH


e.      8 Inch Orange Lamborghini Hoverboard w/Bluetooth & Lights, Product Code: ORANGE-LAMBO-8


f.        Bluetooth Hoverboard - 8 Inch Lambo Bluetooth Hoverboard in White,  Product Code: BLUETOOTH-8-W


g.       Yellow Bluetooth & LED Lights Lamborghini Hoverboard - 8 Inch, Product Code: LAMBORGHINI-YELLOW


h.      8 Inch Hoverboard - Lambo Bluetooth Hoverboard w/LEDs – Green, Product Code: 8-INCH-LAMBO-G


i.         Lamborghini Hoverboard 8 Inch w/Bluetooth & Lights – Purple, Product Code: LAMBO-PURPLE-LIGHTS


j.        8 Inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth in Red - Lambo Style w/ LEDs, Product Code: 8-INCH-BLUETOOTH


Overwhelmed? Don’t. We at Hoverboards Scooters made sure that we have the taste of our consumer. If its bluetooth connectivity the top priority of your feature list of a hoverboard, we have them in different colors and different designs. All that’s needed is your decision.


Browse over and we’ll make sure it’ll be worth your money with our Trusted 180 Day Guarantee. Any comments? Leave them below and we’ll hear you out.

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