Best Electric Skateboard The Skatebolt - 9 Layer Maple w/Remote at 25 MPH

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So you just aren't feeling the "hoverboard" thing? You want to go back to basics with a skateboard. But what do you do? Well, you raise the bar with the literally the best electric skateboard that money can buy. You are now entering the Skatebolt. This is our premier latest edition of electric skateboard in the market, that would make any skateboarder jealous.

Our electric skateboards feature all the same safe and quality workmanship of our products that we have offered for years, but in the form of a high performance and fast electric board.


What Are the Specs of the Best Electric Skateboard?


PRO PERFORMANCE - This electric skateboard is very fast and has a top speed of 25 mph with a 30% grade hill for climbing/ With 2 speed modes (low speed & high speed), and exceptionally easy to switch forward/backward.

TRUE LONG RANGE - Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Tornado Edition can drive a distance over 15.5 miles range and exceeds all the "other skateboards". High quality Lithium battery is LG 36v 6600 mAh and is safety tested.

HEAVY WEIGHT CAPACITY - Electric Skateboard Deck is made of 9 layers maple wood, not only strong and durable, but can support a load of up to 280 lbs and still have a high top speed and accelerate a hill climbing.

SUPER SAFE DESIGN - ABS and regenerative brake system can hold mid-hill stop and mid-hill start. Bright built-in LED lights provide an extra level of safety any time of the day. Also includes Easy Read  skateboard battery capacity window via the indicators on the remote controller


What Comes with the Best Electric Skateboard?

- Our Top of the Line Industry 180 Day Guarantee

electric skateboard warranty

- Easy to Read User Manual

- Easy to Use Wireless Remote Controller

- UL Certified Safe Wall Charger

- UL Certfied Safe Battery

- Best High Performance Electric Skateboard

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