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Alot of people ask "what is the original hoverboard scooter" that started this insane knockoff frenzy? The answer is simple really. Every last hoverboard scooter you may see online is actually a cheaper knockoff imitation of the C1 Chic. (Originally known as the C1 Chic Robotics).


So what makes this the original, and why is it better?


Well, let us explain.


First, this original highly tested for quality assurance model features High Impact Resistance plastic. Almost very similar to new cars nowadays. So if you crash, or knock your hover scooter around, even though you may get a few scratches, the plastic will not shatter, break or splinter. Literally it has the higest impact resistance of any of the scooters you see online or in stores.


Why did people knock us off?


Well, as you know, "imitation is the finest form of flattery". So even though we may be the original brand and really love our products, but there are others that are out there thay love it so much as well, so they felt the need to make a fake version that is very capable of hurting you, or the ones you love. Many of them use substandard built in batteries and chargers, and just don't live up to the standards.



How can you Get an Original Hoverboard Scooter Then?


Easy actually. You just make sure you get it directly from HoverBoard Scooters, and then you'll know you are getting the best and the original.



Here's what's in Your Hoverboard Scooter Box:

This is a tested and used board. May have some cosmetic scratches, but guaranteed to work. 


  • High Performance External Battery Charger Power Supply
  • Removeable AC Power Supply Cable Designed for US Wall Outlets
  • Original Hoverboard The C1 Chic Pro
  • Instructions and Safety Booklet
  • Included are true 10 Inch Wheels Made of Full Hard Rubber
  • LED Frosted Front Lights (Not cheaper clear lights)
  • High Performance Rubber Foot Grips (Not some knockoff stick on strip)




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