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So you've been looking a ton of random websites from all of the world selling "their hoverboards"? And you really want to find out what the #1 hoverboard brand is? Well, you are home Obi Wan, because our hoverboards have been rated number one time and time again.

What separates us from all those other hoverboard brands you ask?


#1 hoverboard brand

Plain and Simple is our quality, and our guarantee!


Here at Hoverboard scooters, we realized we too were tired of cheap knockoff sellers peddling poor performance hoverboards, and decided to raise the bar with our brand.


Here's what You Get With The #1 Hoverboard Brand Board


- A Fully Tested and Guaranteed 180 Day Replacement Program


- Our Hoverboards have never caught fire. Because you Get a Real Samsung Hoverboard Battery


- Inspected and Tested Quality Hoverboard AC Wall Charger


- Full Hoverboard Safety and Operational Instructions


- Hoverboard Charging Cable (Breakaway)


- UL Certified Hoverboard Rechargeable Battery 


- The #1 Hoverboard in White


And there you have it. Simple, effective and really a great experience for you with you want to try the next level of super cool hoverboards.


We also suggest checking out our hover board case, because these things are heavy and you certainly want to keep it protected while you transport it.



*Design of Wheel May differ from what is pictured. We cannot guarantee design of wheel and is subject to availability.


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