Fingerling Style Robotic Monkey Toy - Baby Finger Monkey Blue

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Who doesn't like to monkey around sometimes? Well, these hot new "Fingerling Style" robotic toy monkeys, could hang around while you use your awesome new hoverboard. This limited edition blue finger monkey features interactive motion and features that respond to the sounds and interactions around him.


What's Does This Finger Monkey To Do?


- Sleeps When You Gently Rock Him

- Purrs When You Hang Him Upside Down

- Blow In His Face and He Kisses You


And he does so much more too. 

This Finger Pet is only here for a limited time, so make sure to get on a Lambo Hoverboard with your finger monkey and conquer the neighborhood!


*Please Note: This is not manufactuerd by Wowwee or Licensed by Fingerling

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