Black & Red Lamborghini Hoverboard - Bluetooth Enabled

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Here's one the best hoverboards for sale an in stock now. It's the new Black & Red Lamborghini Hoverboard. This classy must have hoverboard, features everything our other awesome hoverboards have, but with the Lambo Design and front facing special LED Lights. Now everyone can afford a Lamborghini at the best price.



What You Get When You Buy Your Red & Black Lamborghini Hoverboard

- Readable English Instructions and Safety Guide

- Certified Safe Battery Wall Charger

- Lamborghini Style Hoverboard Body

red black hoverboard guarantee

- Front Facing Special Lambo LED Lights 

- 6.5 Inch Wheels

- Bluetooth Speaker Enabled

- Our Trusted Performance Guarantee

- 1 New Black & Red Lamborghini Hoverboard


So get on board now, while the Lambos are still here. Because they move fast, don't expect them to hand around for too much longer.



*Inner Design of Wheel May differ from what is pictured. We cannot guarantee design of wheel and is subject to availability.

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