Lamborghini Hoverboard Bluetooth - Pink Lambo Hoverboard Scooter

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Pink is really the new black. And now with this limited edition Lamborghini Hoverboard Bluetooth w/LEDs , you'll be setting the style for years to come. With not only super cool LEDs on the wheels, you also will be getting this larger body size.. All while having awesome Bluetooth connectivity.



What You Get With the Pink Lamborghini Hoverboard Bluetooth


- Super Large Durable 6.5 Inch Wheels

- English Operational & Safety Instructions

- #1 Trusted 180 Day Guarantee

lamborghini hoverboard bluetooth guarantee

- Bluetooth Hoverboard Music Connectivity

- Limited Edition Pink Color

- Cool Lamborghini Body Design

- Up to 11 mph.

- Certified Safe No Fire


So now there's no excuse to rock out when riding your lamborghini hoverboard with Bluetooth. Just make sure to always be aware of traffic at all times though.


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