Yellow Bluetooth & LED Lights Lamborghini Hoverboard - 8 Inch

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There is nothing more loud that the color Yellow. Even more so, that the coveted Limited Edition Yellow Lamborghini Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Lights. Nothing is more sleek and smooth riding than this full size 8 inch wheeled hoverboard scooter . The latest Bluetooth wireless technology and running LED Lights, make this hoverboard for sale a winner!



What Comes w/ Yellow Bluetooth & LED Lights Lamborghini Hoverboard


- Real English Operation & Safety Manual Instructions


- 180 Day #1 Trusted Industry Warranty & Guarantee



- Limited Edition Yellow & Black Lamborghini Bodystyle

- Full 8 Inch Futuristic Alloy Wheels/Rims

- Lamborghini Bluetooth Wireless Ability 

- Running Side LED Lights on Wheels

- Certified Safe Hoverboard Battery & Charger


And if you don't fancy the Yellow and Black hoverboard models, then you can always check out our other limited supply Lamborghini hoverboards in a few different but very awesome colors. So don't miss out, and get on your hoverboard before they are gone!

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