Blue UL Hoverboard w/Bluetooth & LED

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Everyone loves the great blue hoverboard. But this hoverboard is different. This is an officially UL certified hoverboard in blue backed by a full year guarantee. Our Blue hoverboard is the safest on the market, with it's sturdy 6.5 inch wheels and UL listed internal rechargeable battery pack, you'll be glad that you are getting a quality hoverboard that won't blow up on you for years to come.



What Comes with Your Blue UL Hoverboard?


- English Safety & Operational Instructions

- UL Certified Hoverboard Internal Rechargeable Battery


ul blue hoverboard guarantee

- Full 1 Year Guarantee Replacement Policy

- UL Certified External Charging Battery Pack

- Blue UL Certfied Hoverboard with UL Hologram on Bottom of Hoverboard

- New Blue Model Now Comes w/ Bluetooth Speakers


As you can see, we take hoverboard safety very seriously. Our blue hoverboard here are officially UL certified and listed but that does not mean you do not need to take personal safety into account when riding. That means you should buy hoverboard accessories, like our hoverboard helmet and hoverboard protective gear.



*Inner Design of Wheel May differ from what is pictured. We cannot guarantee design of wheel and is subject to availability.

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