UL Certified Hoverboards

UL Certified Hoverboards

You've probably heard alot in the news about unsafe or unstable hoverboards for sale. But at Hoverboard Scooters, we have never had even one unit become part of any recall. Not only that, but we are the only retailer selling some of the real UL certified hoverboards. As it turns out, there are some companies that "claim to be certified", but being "certified safe" and having "real UL certification are two entirely different things.


Our hoverboards for sale located here, that feature "UL 2272 Certification" will be marked on the listing showing this. Also, you can tell the difference because our UL certified and approved hoverboards actually have the "official UL Holographic Seal" underneath the registered boards. If you look closely underneath them, you can see the official UL certification certificate.


So now, you can buy with confidence and get our always trusted hoverboard guarantee and no it's backed by a great company like UL.

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