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What Are The New Hoverboards for 2017?

Technology is speeding up and so are hoverboards!




All industries specially those who manufactures gadgets, innovate their products by design equipped with safety standards almost overtime to keep up with the speed of technology. Yes, safety may have been an issue for these gadgets but we will be posting more of it so it is best to check out our site more frequently. And, it’s 2017! Certainly, hoverboards manufacturers already studied those issues. Rest assured hoverboards are still one of the best gadgets the technology has to offer. Sure enough, the millennials are craving for something new and for these monsters to be available on the market.  


Since we don’t want to get left behind, hoverboards did have a lot of work done last year to create an exceptional 2017 hoverboards! Most hoverboards now added/improved some features such as bluetooth connectivity, ride control app, music and you can even switch it between beginner to advanced rider so that everyone can enjoy the ride. Its self balancing feature is enough to give you the idea how it can be supercool for everyone to use. Certainly, hoverboards lovers and aspiring riders want to know what are the new hoverboards for 2017. Here is the list of them. 


Top 10 Amazing New Hoverboards in 2017  

  1. Swagtron T1 (Editor’s Choice) – This one has a lot of models to suit the unique needs of every riders and is also one of the leading brands in the business
  2. Segway miniPRO – If you’re one of those who wants their hoverboards that comes with a handle, this could be for you. Aside from that, it’s also packed with a lot of features.
  3. PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter – This is the most affordable hoverboard in this list that can also compete with some of the features with other hoverboards in the market.
  4. Street Saw – It is lightweight and has 6.5-inch tires. They call this also the Fastest Hoverboard 2017 which speeds up to 11 mph)
  5. SwagTron T3 – This is an upgraded model of T1 obviously and has a lot of added features which is good for riders who are techie.
  6. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The manufacturer claims this as the Smartest Hoverboard 2017-01-06
  7. Jetson V6 – If you’re a beginner, this one’s for you.
  8. Hoverzon S – This one offers different colors at the same price. Although it has not much improvement compared with others, its armor along with battery management makes this one of the better hoverbords in the market.
  9. Skque Electric Hoverboards – This one’s good for riders who are design lovers.
  10. Jetson Rover V8 – This is an upgraded version of V6 which has top standards and doesn’t have any safety concerns so far.


So, have you chosen which one's going to serve you best? This time, please don't break a leg.


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