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What are the Cheapest and Safest Hoverboards?

When we say cheapest, it may sound good for those guys who are in a tight budget but for those who have enough might think cheapest has something to do with quality compromised. It could be true in a sense but the really one thing you should be asking is “Is it too good to be true?”. If the store is offering a lot of cool features of a hoverboard and claims it to have passed all testing and certification, that’s not a problem. The red flag is if the price is too cheap than the features it offer. You want to think it over.


To address this issue and help you out, we did the exploring for you to know on what are the cheapest and safest hoverboards that you may not need to have second thoughts.


  • Hoverboard Scooters - Classic Hoverboard Black – at $259.99 on
  • Hoverboard Scooters - Original Hoverboards – ranges from $259.99 to $289.88 on  
  • Swagtron T5 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard - at $299.99 on Ebay
  • Xprite Black/Blue Safe Smart 6.5" 2 Wheel Electric Balancing Scooter UL 2272 Certificated – at 299.99 on Ebay
  • UL Samsung 6.5 inch Chrome Gold Smart Self Balancing Electric Two Wheels Scooter – at $299.99 on Ebay
  • 8 '' Bluetooth Hoverboard with Mobile APP 2 Two Wheel Self Balance electric Scooters Hover Boards Smart balance Wheel LED Light (different designs) – ranges from $224.72 to $255.54


Those listed above are by so far the cheapest safe ones that are in the market. If you have purchased much cheaper than them and can guarantee to be safe to use, please leave a comment. We will be very glad to know and add that to our list.

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