Hot Pink Hoverboard

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Original Pink & Hot Pink Hoverboards

Hoverboards are hotter than ever. And really it's one of the most popular toys for the holiday season. But what about that Hot Pink Hoverboard? Well, it actually very popular amongst both girls and guys. Pink happens to be the new black. And with the popularity of hoverboards, the pink hoverboard color comes in several different versions.


Let's take a look at what types of hot pink colors and versions there are.


First, there is the classic pink hoverboard, as shown below. It features the soft pink, and carries the standard warranty and design.

pink hoverboard

Then, we have the updated version of the pink hoverboard with the new "UL Certified Versions" of the new hoverboards. Both safer with a official Samsung battery, and UL Approved including an extended 1 year warranty, you'll be best belive this hot pink color is going to roll straight off the shelves. 


ul certified pink hoverboard


So as you can see, the time is now to pickup these girls hoverboards.

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