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Why our Hoverboards Use The Samsung Battery

If you want to make sure your hoverboard is safe, consider the battery. And what battery will likely unharm you and your hoverboard? You better choose between Samsung battery or an LG battery but the first one seems popular than the latter because of its higher quality standards. This is the main reason why our hoverboards use the Samsung battery. Let us explain this further…


Repair service centers have two reasons why a battery is not working. One is the use of cheap, usually from China, hoverboard battery. If you buy these kinds of batteries, you’re more like spending a lot for repair rather than saving. Secondly, the battery is non-UL listed. A UL certified battery can always guarantee you of the battery’s quality and safety. That can save you a lot – from money and worry! Due to the battery’s sensitive chemical content as this (Lithium) may be explosive, the manufacturer made some changes:

a.       The batteries packed are enclosed in a fire resistant plastic mold.

b.      It has a temperature sensor inside (overheat prevention)

c.       It has the positive and negative wires heat-shrank together which prevents us from lodging screws into the wires. That can seriously cause a potentially dangerous situation

d.      It has the best durability and is the longest lasting due to its ultra-performance design which is a perfect fit for riders who depends on their batteries to last on long distance trips, ground security, valet, etc.

e.      It is UL certified! – That’s more than enough reason why use a Samsung battery


Don’t worry! Samsung batteries are already designed to fit all type of hoverboards in case you need battery replacement. Still in doubt? Leave us your comments below.

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