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Time to find the real Hoverboard UL Certification

It is evident that hoverboards has its fair share on media when its mass product recall became viral last 2015 which reached around half a million of units. News was all over the globe due to its huge number of incidents on explosion from its batteries that have caused physical injuries and property damages! Even airplanes had to ban the gadget due to its safety concerns on the battery. Amazon and Overstock stopped selling the units too! It can’t solely be blamed on the battery since defective chargers could be the other culprit. Either which, early last year, investigation was conducted across all brands and models.


It is not surprising then that anyone who may have considered the unit as a gift or personal use to browse over the internet and check its features specifically its safety. Thus, it is about time that we find the real hoverboard UL certification.


What is a hoverboard UL Certification?


UL Certification specifically UL 2272 is a safety requirements for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters a.k.a. hoverboards that was launched early last year (February 2016). With this certification, consumers have the outright guarantee that their little vehicle will not become a monster and devour their houses. Although the certification guarantees its safety, users should still consider the basic safety measures so as to prevent the damage or overuse of the unit that might then cause to explosion.


To find the real hoverboard UL Certification, be sure you see the image shown below on the unit. It is a holographic product label featuring the UL Enhanced Mark. We wanted to stress this, it should be holographic! If it’s not, it’s fake! By the way, check the spelling on the label too. Most importantly, be at ease! An updated database of all UL certified scooter models can also be found in UL’s certification database through this site www.ul.com/database. You may enter a manufacturer’s name and they should be under the Category Code “FKIS”.

Hoverboards may have made a history of exploding issues, that's not for the New Year of course, but with the authorities and UL efforts, they can bring back its popularity once again.

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