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Finding the Right Hoverboard with a Samsung Battery

You might already know that the battery of a hoverboard is one of the accessories that needs to be checked to make sure you’re riding a safe hoverboard. Alright, the hoverboard looks great and stylish and you just couldn’t take your hands away from it. We understand that looks can be deceiving but you really have to make sure it comes with a Samsung battery. But why Samsung specifically? Because they are guaranteed high quality and follows safety standard regulations. One evidence of their popularity is --- they are hundreds of knockoffs --- which can be a compliment for this matter.


Although Samsung has a bad reputation on their smart phone batteries, which they were responsible enough to have product recall, at least they have their popularity on hoverboard batteries. To make things clear, Samsung does not produce a hoverboard battery pack BUT they sell their battery cells to hoverboard manufacturers to pack them according to the required voltage rating, say, 36V, 4.4Ah. It is 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery cells. Shown below is the genuine battery cell of Samsung. It has printed "Samsung" and series number.

samsung battery for hoverboard

Since you can't just open the battery packs to check if their using the original Samsung, which can be risky and might damage the battery pack, (a) you may ask the manufacturer for an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and a test report and (b) the easiest is check the unit for the genuine UL certification then you're good to go. Further, we feature here the hoverboard with original Samsung batteries. 

·         8” Lamborghini in different colors

·         Smart balance wheel

·         10” Wheel in Black & Red

·         UL Certified Hoverboards in different colors and designs

·         Hoverboards with Bluetooth

·         Black Hoverboard Original C1 Chic

·         Alien Green Hoverboard

·         Star Wars Inspired Hoverboard

          White Hoverboard with a Samsung Battery

And many more! Spend time browsing over our site and we guarantee you that you’ll not be wasting your time.

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