Hoverboards That Don't Blow Up

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Some High Quality Hoverboards That Don't Blow Up

OK, so hoverboards are blowing up. Uh-uh… Not all hoverboards blow up that’s for sure. As much as we want to forget about the past and move forward, there are still some customers who worries so much about its safety issue. With this, we need to find some high quality hoverboards that don’t blow up.


First and foremost, we have to take a look first on the battery packs. It has been known that batteries played a vital role on the explosion issues. It’s chemical content, the lithium, is quite sensitive on movements or a sudden friction which usually can happen to a hoverboard and so UL certification is being made to play a role for making it sure that these batteries don’t spark or even explode at any level of movement of a hoverboard unit, making sure that unnecessary friction is absent.


To keep you in a peace of mind, you want to make sure your hoverboard is UL certified. How would you know that it is? The easiest way to check is to look for the original holographic image seal and enhanced mark on the unit. See our article UL Hoverboards for more details on this. Overcharging can also be an issue that’s why it is essential to read the safety instructions that comes from the unit for additional awareness.


So enough with the certification and all, what do we suggest? Where do you find hoverboards that guarantees your safety on riding it? Look no further than this page. At Hoverboard Scooters, you’re 180% sure the units have worry-free batteries. We have UL certified hoverboards with different designs as well. After all, we don’t want to keep you from loving your hoverboards because of some crazy stuff going on.      

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