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Finding Out About Real UL Approved Hoverboards

Since the safety issues of hoverboards went viral over the internet and news media and a vast recall of units were astonishing, it came for authorities to make an emergency investigation and made a solution. This is how UL 2272 Certification was born. It is a standard made to address the growing concern of the users with regards to electrical safety. This UL 2272 is a certification for safety requirements for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters.


Since people are now more conscious of its safety with regards to sudden explosion and the fact that not all manufacturers are yet UL 2272 Certified users want to find out about real UL approved hoverboard. By being UL Certified is not that cheap and easy, it can also take more than 2 months to complete. Big players in the industry of hoverboards can take their chances to leap higher. And as for the small companies, if unfortunate enough, will have to close down or risk selling an uncertified and unsafe hoverboards. Obviously Ninebot (parent company of Segway) and Segway are two of the larger companies who had the funds for these. So to start with, we prefer you look for hoverboards under these company.


We give credit and salute to Ninebot Mini Pro model N3M320 for obtaining the World’s First UL2272 Certified Scooters. It uses a 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung 1200W and with a maximum speed of 11mph (18 km/h). According to reviews, this hoverboard is no ordinary 2 wheel scooter because it adapts to the most advanced technology. Other hoverboard models/series that were already UL certified are:

Swagtron T1

Swagtron T3

Jetson V6

Segway miniPro

Chic Smart S3

Vecaro Glide-X

Some models of SKQUE


This is to name a few since there are some which are on the process of getting the UL certification. Just to remind you guys that even if these are UL certified, UL still recommends proper safety precautions since they do not include evaluation for performance, rider safety or reliability.

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