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What are the real UL Hoverboards?

Manufacturers are competing in the market to be on the top choice for every customer. They brag as if they have the number one designs and they have all the special features the other companies don't. But with all these compelling adverts that each companies trying to scream at you, they actually do have something in common. These are what we call “standards”.


Standards are in place not just for anything but its importance is it gives each customer the idea if the hoverboards, for example, are CERTIFIED safe according to the set criteria of the particular standard. We’ll talk about here the safety standard for the batteries the hoverboards are using since it’s been a controversy in the market on hoverboards catching fire and it’s numerous  customer complaints gave the Underwriters Laboratories a red flag to investigate the issue as well as big companies like Amazon to stop selling them due to its potential danger. Every hoverboards should be UL CERTIFIED unless for those knockoff hoverboards. You wouldn’t risk your life on board on a scooter that you know every now and then might explode.


Since real and fake ones are both hitting the market, you should then ask yourself: What are the real UL hoverboards?


First, it is good to know that the hoverboards should comply with UL 2272 (Electrical Safety) and UL 2271 (Battery Safety) Certified. With this, you are guaranteed that it won’t explode! Secondly, look for the UL 2272 certification on the unit itself by the holographic image seal and Enhanced Mark on the product itself. See below for the images.

UL hoverboard        UL hoverboard1

Remember, even if sellers, dealers, suppliers, retailers and manufacturers claim that their product is UL certified these images on the unit will prove them anyhow. Although UL made some efforts to prevent certification counterfeits, you have to double check yourself if the images are real and not just a cheap sticker. That’s what the holographic image is there for.

So riders and aspiring riders out there, hoverboards will surely make our life easier but safety is still our top priority. It won’t hurt to check these certifications and spend a little more of our money for these certified ones. If you’re going to buy a hoverboard for convenience, there’s no other reason why you will still opt to buy the fake ones.

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