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What Are The Different Types of 10 Inch Hoverboards for Sale?

Who wants a 10 inch big wheeled hoverboard? If you are one of those who mean larger wheels, I assume you have big built? Big wheels are better for rough terrain and heavier rider and it may have 120kg maximum load but it can be a pain carrying it around too. But, are hoverboards meant to be carried? You may want to step in and enjoy the ride instead!


For those who are looking for 10 inch hoverboard for sale, no worries! We will reveal here the different types of 10 inch hoverboards for sale.


If you’d visit Alibaba, they are offering 10 inch wheeled hoverboard around $208 to $250. Yes, cheaper but check the quality guys. It might also help to check it’s seller or manufacturer for their standards.


a.      Mini bluetooth 2 wheel electric scooter 10 inch self balancing hoverboard at $208 - $220

b.      New Smart CXM Two Self balancing Wheel Scooter 10 inch Detachable Folding With Handle Hoverboard CE at $200 - $250

c.       Another is from www.dhgate.com, App Control Bluetooth Speaker Electric Scooter 10 inch Drifting Skateboard smart self balancing scooter 2 wheel hoverboard LED light with a price range of $282.42 - $300 EXCLUDING taxes


You may also want to shell out a little bit more of your cash and be confident enough of their quality and its US based seller. There’s this drifting scooter, with mobile app scooter and stylish scooter all 10 inch wheeled on sale but still nothing can beat what Hoverboardscooters has!


Since we offer only the best and the safest and not to mention the #1 Trusted 180 Day Hoverboard Guarantee, a $ 319.98 could go a long way!


d.      We have the 10" Wheel Hoverboard - Black & Red 10 Inch Hoverboard w/Bluetooth under Product Code 10-INCH-BLACK-RED that can be very irresistible!




So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and take the 180 day guarantee! Have something in mind? Leave your comment.

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