10 Inch Hoverboards With Bluetooth

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What Are The Different Types of 10 Inch Hoverboards With Bluetooth?

Who wouldn’t want their hoverboards to be bluetooth connected? A few maybe but for the millennials, bluetooth connected is awesome! As much as hoverboards are meant for an enjoyable riding experience as a personal commute or sport, incorporating it with music will however adds up the excitement and not to mention, jamming along while “hovering”. We can’t be more excited to share with you the different types of 10 inch hoverboards with bluetooth.


You may want to take a look at these irresistible big-wheel monsters with bluetooth available in the market. Take note, these are the fresh ones and you’ll surely can’t get yourself some sleep without having one.


a.      SKQUE (The Freestyle) in colors: Graffiti, Carbon, White, Black, Carbon Red, Splatter, Flame,s, Blue, Red Burgundy

b.      YYQ 10” Smart 2-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

c.      Smart 10 Balance Wheel also comes in different colors

d.      The Hip Hop 10 inch Hoverboard M-S10

e.      (Recommended!) Hoverboard Scooters in Black & Red Lambo Body Style, 10” Wheel Hoverboard with bluetooth, UL certified and #1 Trusted 180 Day Hoverboard Guarantee


Actually, there could be a lot more designs that also features bluetooth connectivity out there but just to keep you away from too many options that might end up not buying the good one and the cheapest and safest, we will always recommend Hoverboard Scooters as they are American Owned and values quality.


Have you bought one from us? Share us your views and leave it in the comment section. Happy shopping rider!

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