10 Inch Self Balancing Scooter

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What is the 10 Inch Self Balancing Scooter? Is there a Difference Between This and a Hoverboard?

Some might be curious what a 10 inch self balancing scooter is and what benefits or the pros it has compared to others. And is there a difference between this and a hoverboard? For hoverboard first timers, what we mean with the 10 inches is the size of the wheel. When a hoverboard has bigger wheel, there can be a lot of advantages and a little disadvantages too:

a.       You’re a bit higher up the ground

b.      The unit is heavier which is perfect for big built riders since it can hold up a heavier weight compared to the 8 inches and less

c.       The wheels are inflatable which is ideal for rough terrain, uneven territory and other hindrances such as grass and gravel. You can basically ride your hoverboard without feeling much of the bumps.

d.      Faster speed

e.      Some models are having problems with the battery life but with a little effort to research you’ll probably get those which has longer battery life.


To give you a clue on what models to buy and consider for a 10 inch wheel, we have here a few options:

1.       Skque 10” 264 lbs  6.2 mph – weighs around 30 lbs and doesn’t have a built-in speaker

2.       M-X1 Plus - 10 Inch 2 Wheel Electric Standing Scooter with App and Bluetooth Speaker

3.       M-S10 Hoverboard – 10 inch electric self balancing scooter for off road riding; comes in different style

4.       X1 Plus Hoverboard –  10 inch SUV smart balance with bluetooth speaker

5.       (Recommended) Hoverboard Scooters “10-INCH-BLACK-RED” – 10” wheel hoverboard with bluetooth, Lambo design plus UL2272 certification. Certified safe!


The wheels won’t be much of a big deal really but if you’re into riding it for personal transporter, to commute and may have pass through different bumps along the way, a 10 inch wheel is best and advisable because the tiny wheels will just literally throw you off on uneven surfaces.


If you have some hoverboard big wheel experience, you can share it with us through the comment section!

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