Are Hoverboard Scooters Legal?

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You've gotten a Hoverboard Scooter, but is it legal? Here's the current situation.



That's the question many may be asking this holiday season and going into the New Year. As these marvelous little motorized ride on hoverboard scooters become a staple item in your neighborhood, you will most likely be wondering if they are legal in your city, state or even country.


In fact, you probably want to know before your buy a hoverboard scooter to enjoy around town, or even in the comforts of your own home.


As it stands at the moment, because that the technology for these Hoverboards Scooters (or self balancing scooter) are failry new and there is not much "legistlation or law" in place, almost every city in every state will differ.


For instance, at the moment, in Britain these "motorized hoverboards" are illegal to ride in streets, and on pavement and roads. 




There may be instances where you can use it in the confines of your home, or a "privately owned skateboard", where you pay to hoverboard.


Also, recently Califronia has actually passed a law, that IS LEGAL to ride your hoverboard scooter, when previously it was illegal.

As it turns out, the following details about the California law on Hoverboard Scooters are as follows:


"The law that allows electric skateboards as well as other motorized wheeled devices to be used anywhere that bikes are usually allowed, in public areas. This actually  reverses earlier legislation which totally banned the scooters from riding anywhere. The law will take effect on January 1st 2016."


This law known as AB 604, defines these Hoverboard Scooters  and any other device as “electrically motorized boards.” They are being classified as that and they need to be no larger than 60 x 18 inches and go no faster than 20 mph. Riders will be required to wear a helmet and can’t operate them while under the influence.


So basically, you will definitely needs to wear a helmet (you should either way), but they will be legal in California for that holiday cheer!


As for other cities and states across the US, you most likely will be able to ride them without a problem for the next few months, as law makers "decide on the hoverboard classification", and will vary extensively from place to place.


To be on the safe side, make sure to check with your local city and always respect the road!


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is it illegal to ride on the sidewalks in florida?

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