Which are the Best Hoverboards?

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Wondering which hoverboard you should get, here's a solution.

Well, you've finally decided to give this crazy contraption a try. Since it's inception in 2015, the "hoverboard scooter" has taken the world by storm. So much, that some really popular urban areas had to "ban hoverboards" in very populated areas.




But, of course that doesn't mean you shouldn't get one. But it just means you have to respect others when using it, and make sure you are aware of your surroundings when you use it, and of course that you are wearing proper protective gear.



So the Question is, Which are the Best Hoverboards?


Which hoverboard should I purchase?



I mean there are alot of companies selling "hoverboard scooters", but of course you want the peace of mind knowing you are going to get something for the long haul.


Well, first to clarify, that many "overseas or China hoverboard sellers" are selling items that are either re-constructed, not safety tested, and come with absolutely NO Warranty on product or performance.


Conceptionally, many are the same, but some use less that satisfactory parts. One very big issue was other sellers do not use the quality Samsung Hoverboard battery, that we do here at Hoverboard Scooters.


So, Why Are Hoverboard Scooters' the Best Hoverboards?




Here's just a small list on why we are the best:


- All of Hoverboard Self Balancing Smart Scooters Come with Samsung Rechargeable Battery Packs


- Our Hoverboards Are Tested Before Shipment. We make sure each and every one is up to standard.


- We Are a USA Based Company. Actually Clear English Speaking Individuals that can communicate effectively with you if you have any questions!


- We Offer a 180 Day Replacement Guarantee for Performance On All of Our Products. No other Company Does This. (Yes, we are confident in our products!)




- If you were ever to have a "problem" with you hoverboard scooter, it can be remedied in a timely fashion as opposed to dealing with a "random seller in China", that most likely will take months, to help you for even the slightest problem.


- The lowest prices in US, without having to deal with some out of the country nonsense.


- Free Shipping in the Continental US and Discounted Shipping Rates to Mexico & Canada.


And that's just a few reasons on why we are the best. Many companies have tried to "knockoff our boards" by just re-branding them with a name at then adding a higher price tag. So, really you aren't getting anything more than our items, at a higher price. 


So, who has the best hoverboard? Well, I think you get the picture!


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