Mark Cuban Thinks He Owns The World's Hoverboard Scooters

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Was Mark Cuban Really Involved with the Original Hoverboard Concept?

So you've probably heard of our "Shark-like" friend and billionaire Mark Cuban.


He's loud, smart and a predatory business shark.


So what does Mark Cuban and Hoverboard Scooters have in common?


Well, he believes he owns the patent even though he never created the product.


Mark Cuban was an early investor with Shane Chen, that supposedly patented the idea regarding an potential item called the "Hover Trax" but ultimately was never produced until after the release of the G1 technology..


Now as much as I like Mark and his great business acumen, I certainly am not a fan of "patent trolls" as they stifle creativity and genuine business. Very little information outside of a rough drawing has surfaced in the past months, but honestly I have seen it where a company outside of America has created a great product, and then a US company decides to take it, and "create a patent" for it and register it since most China based companies do not have a US patent. 


Therefore potentially making Shane Chen just another guy who had seen these "hoverboards" in use overseas and came back to sketch the version he saw and run to the patent office in a troll-like fashion.

It's been done before, and we've all seen that happen.


And since,  Mark is a very powerful business man he may want his first cut of Shane's modified idea.


Not saying that perhaps Shane may have had the idea, though as it turns out, his version was never produced and we never even seen a working prototype. 


Not to mention, that the overall look and design of it, is rather lackluster and looks more like a toy, than a pro piece of gear.


So the question leads back to; does Mark Cuban really own the original idea behind these hoverboard scooters?




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